In everything we do, we strive to be client sensitive, agency efficient and provider friendly

TMS is comprised of six key departments that assist in securing and providing transportation management services for clients. While each department serves its own unique function, they all work together to ensure seamless coordination and unrivaled customer service. Our team has drilled down to the heart of the challenge: maintaining a high standard of quality service at competitive prices.

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Financial Management
Customer Service and Utilization Management
Provider Network Relations



Financial Management

Fiscal management is a top priority for all of our Non-Emergency Transportation (NET) projects. Our Chief Financial Officer and his team of professionals take great care in implementing the appropriate fiscal controls and maintain a meticulous audit trail of all transactions. Our CFO applies his 25-plus years of accounting experience to budgeting, cost determinations and allocations, internal and external reporting, invoicing, collections, and disbursements. At TMS, we continually audit our payment

system to expose and remediate financial discrepancies before they compromise NET operations.

Our team reconciles all invoices against all internal trip routing records, which are saved electronically. This process is designed to help minimize and detect inconsistencies, over billing, and incorrect trip mileages by using our TMS Mobility Manager Software. Once confirmed in collaboration with our network of providers, the balance of the invoice/claim is promptly paid.

Customer Service and Utilization Management

Highly trained staff members with decades of NET experience man each state-of-the-art call center. We operate our fully staffed call centers in accordance with industry standards and procedures to facilitate smooth operations every day. An impressive 33% of our operators are bilingual. Additional language lines assist with over 200 different dialects and languages if necessary.

Our advanced telephone system utilizes Automatic Call Distribution (“ACD”) for seamless call routing, true real-time status and MIS reporting.

Features Include:

  • Calls in queue warning
  • Silent monitoring with "join" capability
  • Recording/playback
  • Full management reporting, on-demand or scheduled
  • Archive data for reporting
  • Language lines

Our customer service representatives maintain a schedule strategically designed to meet fluctuating demand, which is constantly monitored. The TMS call center handles tens of thousands of calls and trips per month with less than one percent complaint ratio—a statistic we are extremely proud of. All incoming and outbound calls are recorded and stored for our records.

Provider Network Relations

Throughout its history, TMS has subcontracted with hundreds of transportation companies to deliver quality services nationwide. Our Provider Network specialists have decades of experience managing a variety of companies and agencies with specific delivery modes that will accommodate each passenger’s individual needs. Our principals have operated and worked with large companies that operate hundreds of taxicabs, wheelchair vans, ambulances, and full–length buses. Likewise, we have also subcontracted with home-based, single-member businesses with one or two wheelchair vans in both rural and urban environments. Our philosophy and management style is based on

the belief that the retention of qualified providers is critical to our long-term success.

In coordinating programs nationwide, TMS objectively assesses the transportation landscape with many variables considered including all local resources, geography, traffic patterns, road systems, medical facilities and frequently traveled destinations in ways that a local company might not see. TMS matches each trip to the most appropriate provider and distributes trip assignments across multiple providers to reduce total NET costs and prevent excess mileage charges.

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Quality Assurance

TMS aggressively monitors quality throughout its transportation network to ensure that our rider’s experience is as positive as possible. Over time, we have installed a variety of programs and measures designed to continuously maintain and improve quality of service.

The Quality Assurance team ensures that transportation operators meet health and safety standards for vehicle maintenance, operation, and inspection; driver qualifications and training; and the delivery of courteous, safe, and timely transportation services.

Each network provider is subject to an initial site visit and ongoing oversight. This process includes, but is not limited to:

  • Verification of initial and periodic driver background checks
  • Verification of appropriate driver training
  • Verification of appropriate safety procedures
  • Vehicle inspections to ensure vehicles used for transport are properly licensed, clean, safe, and well–maintained
  • Verification of phone, fax, and modem capabilities for administrative support
  • Verification of license and compliance with local and state requirements
  • Proof of insurance in compliance with local and state requirements
  • Review of documentation of maintenance records and trip logs
  • Verification of compliance with HIPAA and confidentiality requirements
  • Verification of senior management’s understanding and willingness to provide scope of service and comply with program requirements
TMS also uses a Mystery-Rider Program similar to a Secret Shopper program in which volunteer riders are transported by an unknowing transportation provider. The Mystery Rider undertakes direct observation checks on each trip. These observers are not typical employees of the company; instead they are trained and paid to perform as secret shoppers.

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Information Technology (IT)

Our proprietary TMS Mobility Manager Software is designed and optimized for advanced call intake, routing and scheduling. This industry-leading technology is a web–based software application supported by redundant servers that seamlessly

integrates all phases of transportation operations through secure web portals to efficiently match each eligible rider with the most appropriate means of transportation.

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Business Development

As a growing company, we are continually seeking to expand our services to new areas. Our business development team builds and maintains effective working relationships with federal and state officials, legislators, executive and legislative branch staff, and other key personnel to ensure the continued success of TMS Management Group, Inc. Our Business Development team takes on the following responsibilities:

  • Actively seek opportunities for expansion and business development.
  • Assist with creation of proposal documents
  • Oversee start–up and implementation activities
  • Develop policies and procedures
  • Provide long–term support, such as contractual compliance, preparation of reports, resolution of complaints, etc.
  • Serve as key staff with state, federal and local officials
  • Serve on national or statewide panels or committees

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