TMS Management Group, Inc. was founded by hands-on transportation experts who saw the need for enhanced healthcare access via a different kind of transportation management model—one that puts the individual needs of its clients, riders and providers first. With that objective in mind, our principals are actively involved in the needs assessment and implementation of every program we design. Our specialists invest every ounce of energy into recruiting the most qualified, cost-effective transportation resources. We then coordinate those services to fit the healthcare requirements and fiscal goals of our clients and their members, whether they fall under the Medicaid, Medicare, ADA or other transportation disadvantaged programs.

Through our proprietary Quick Start Blueprint, TMS is prepared to take on new projects almost immediately. Because we recruit, evaluate and inspect all possible transportation options before entering any given market, we are ready to hit the ground running on day one. We have also cultivated the unique ability to adapt our operations to the service, compliance and financial objectives of our clients.

Since its inception, TMS has evolved into one of the nation’s premier transportation management and brokerage firms, representing millions of individuals from coast to coast. Every member we serve has unique mobility challenges.

TMS engineers a variety of innovative and creative means to ensure the financial viability of designing and implementing transportation networks for clients, managing Medicaid, Medicare and ADA or Transportation Disadvantaged programs. As proven leaders in the medical transportation community, we have earned an unrivaled reputation for delivering safe, cost-conscious administration and coordination services to prominent public sector agencies, private managed care organizations and other healthcare facilities. We are field-tested and field-proven.