Specializing In Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services

Describing our core service in one sentence is simple: TMS provides the complete management of Non–Emergency Medical Transportation Services. Inside of our facilities and in the daily efforts of our principals and staff, many other component services are taking place to make sure we reach our goal of not just meeting our clients’ expectations, but exceeding them.
Because every client is different, we customize each and every transportation program accordingly.

TMS is pleased to provide the following Rights and Responsibilities for our consumers, please Click Here.

Our services include:

Gate keeping/Cost control
Contract Coordination
Coordination Of Community Transportation Programs
Quality Control
Consulting Services
Pricing Options

Gatekeeping/Cost Control

Our primary objective is to match each eligible rider with the most timely, cost-efficient and appropriate mode of transportation available. Our gatekeeping practices, enhanced by our proprietary state–of–the–art software system, employ numerous technical advances and techniques, such as:

  • Eligibility verification
  • Assessment of the need for service
  • Identification of special needs
  • Determination of the appropriate form of transport
  • Maintenance of rider’s trip history
  • Education to rider on the appropriate use of transportation service

Contract Coordination

Contract Coordination provides complete document control and tracking for transportation providers during all levels of the project. Each participating provider is required to execute a comprehensive contract designed to document the following: scope of services; standards for performance; compliance with federal, state and local laws; regulations governing transportation; specific programs covered; HIPAA and confidentiality provisions; insurance requirements; provisions for monitoring of performance; and payment terms.

TMS is committed to assuring that the services rendered by our team and providers meet the highest standards of customer responsiveness and quality of service. TMS is aware that each program may have different performance “windows.” To that end, TMS is pleased to propose several aspects to service reliability and the ability to maintain schedules. Our approach here falls into two areas:

Management Information System

The TMS Mobility Manager Software program permeates the functional areas of the operation and is integral to service reliability, ability to maintain schedules, and other quality of service issues including gate keeping, reservations, call center, routing and scheduling, vendor management, encounter data, reporting and related functions.


Quality Assurance Program

The quality assurance program monitors that transportation services are reliably delivered for eligible persons in a professional manner; that record keeping systems are accurate, up–to–date, and used to make improvements in customer relations and on-street service delivery; and that beneficiary input including complaints and other means are addressed through a professional and thorough process. Quality assurance and customer satisfaction are of the highest priority.

Coordination of Community Transportation Programs

For the last several decades, many of our principals have been involved with community transportation programs and have achieved a high level of success for state, local and federal

agencies. Our senior management team includes individuals who have managed and administered up to $100 million in Transportation Disadvantaged funding. TMS is pleased to bring this extensive community transportation experience to your service area.

Quality Control

Our comprehensive quality control component service begins internally with special edits built into our proprietary software system. Features like auto identification of the availability of fixed route transportation are programmed to apply to member–specific demographics. Our software is programmed to prevent the TMS Call Center Technician from advancing to a new screen before the information on the current screen is complete. This ensures that the appropriate mode of transportation is utilized and any special needs are met. These edits also ensure that the Call Center Technician has confirmed the details of the transportation arrangements with the rider and/or their authorized representative.

We also employ the following techniques to ensure Quality Control:

  • Comprehensive Call Center Technician Training
  • Call monitoring and recording
  • Vehicle inspections
  • Monthly summary utilization and billing report
  • Comprehensive complaint resolution process
  • Customer and provider satisfaction surveys
  • Transportation provider credentialing, monitoring, and training

Consulting Services

Our management team has a wealth of transportation operations expertise garnered over decades of experience in the industry.

We offer consulting services, which include:

  • Quality control
  • Cost containment

  • Systems evaluation
  • Strategic management planning and training
  • Governmental communications and relations
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Project management plans

Pricing Options

As financial uncertainty has rippled across public and private sector budgets nationwide, our clients have emphasized the need for rigorous cost control on our projects. In order to remain within budget, TMS understands the importance of adapting our pricing structure to meet the fiscal goals of our clients. That’s why we offer a variety of pricing options for your organization.

We offer:

  • Fee–for–service rates
  • Flat rates
  • Capitated rates
  • Mileage rates
  • Mixed mode rates
  • Government programs
  • Commercial services