Our Job Is To Make It Easier To Manage Yours

At TMS Management Group, Inc., our goal is simple: to improve healthcare access and quality of life for the individuals we serve. That’s why each year, our goal is to ensure that millions of eligibles nationwide make it to and from their doctor’s appointments in a reliable and timely manner. Not only does preventive care keep our riders healthy—it also helps reduce the chances of catastrophic illness, minimizing costs in the long run.

Through our all-inclusive transportation management programs, we coordinate all of our clients’ non-emergency transportation with just one phone call. TMS will match the best and most cost-effective option with each member’s needs and streamline your agency’s ability to handle multiple provider contracts.

TMS provides the following benefits:

  • Administrative management
  • An implementation plan customized to your organization’s specific needs
  • Redundant staffing patterns to achieve program goals
  • Cost-effective options for consumers (bus passes, mileage reimbursement, volunteers, local vehicles, etc.)
  • Handling of complex transportation coordination (multiple leg trips with ground, water, air transport, etc.)
  • One toll–free telephone number for all transportation requests and “Where’s My Ride?” inquiries
  • Proprietary, state–of–the–art software that matches each trip to the most appropriate mode of transport
  • Comprehensive reporting capabilities for all encounter data via a secure, HIPAA–compliant web site
  • Exceptional multi–state transportation network and superior quality assurance program
  • Liability insurance tracking to exceed local and state requirements (auto, general, professional)
  • Sensitivity training for the elderly and disabled for all employees and transportation providers
  • Time–sensitive complaint tracking and remediation
  • “Hands–on” supervision of your contract by the principals and senior management of TMS
  • Improved HEIDIS markers