As a full-service transportation management/brokerage firm, TMS provides one point of contact and accountability for government agencies and their members. For more than 15 years, our team has managed the administration, coordination and provision of Medicaid, Medicare, ADA and all other types of human services transportation.

Medicaid / Medicare

Transportation Services Designed With Your Agency’s Unique Needs In Mind

When it comes to Medicaid, TMS is among the nation’s most experienced transportation management firms. TMS contracts with government–sponsored managed care organizations and government agencies in multiple states to provide Medicaid and Medicare funded services. Based on our unrivaled industry experience and expertise, we have developed proprietary program enhancements and gate-keeping practices designed to address the unique challenges posed by the Medicaid world. The results are controlled costs and improved efficiency from day one. From case management and data analysis to quality assurance and administration services, each aspect of our service is tailored to our client’s specific needs and goals.

Transportation Disadvantaged

For those who cannot obtain their own transportation due to disability, age or income, TMS is here. Our team has extensive knowledge in coordinating and implementing transportation disadvantaged programs. We specialize in organizing local, state and federally funded transportation services to ensure that all eligible individuals have access to the healthcare resources they need.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)/Paratransit Services

TMS understands the complex issues that individuals with special needs face in their daily lives. As transportation experts, our principals and staff are well versed in the needs and goals of the ADA paratransit process. TMS has and will continue to successfully manage all aspects of its clients’ paratransit program. Our team has experience with large urban ADA paratransit programs and we routinely collaborate with local transit authorities regarding bus pass and ADA services such as feeder routes, bus stops and door–to–door trips. TMS is proud to deliver solutions that help improve our rider’s quality of life—while improving our client’s bottom line.