Where do I call for Non-Emergency Transportation services?

To call for a ride or information about the system, depending on where you live, you may call the Clearwater, Florida Call Center (TMS Headquarters) at 866–867–0729 or the Iowa Call Center at 866–572–7662. The phone lines are open 8 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday, local time. If you are a Member of a Health Plan that TMS services, please consult your Health Plan’s Directory of Providers to locate the appropriate toll free number.

What will happen when I call the toll free number?

A trained TMS Call Center Technician will ask you several questions regarding your eligibility, your individual needs, how you obtain your transportation services today, and other questions to determine your needs for Non-Emergency Transportation services.

What information should I have ready when I call?

Please have the following available every time you call:

  • Your Home Street Address and Telephone Number
  • Your Full Name and Medicaid/Medicare/Health Plan ID #
  • Appointment day and time
  • Name and complete address of your medical provider or other destination

If I cannot drive, can a friend or family member drive me?

Depending on your Health Plan benefits or Government sponsored program guidelines, yes, a friend, family member, or volunteer may drive you to the appointment and may receive mileage reimbursement. This transportation may be arranged along the same guidelines as if you were driving yourself. Please call TMS to inquire as to your travel needs and the information required from the friend or family member to be approved to receive mileage reimbursement. TMS will mail you all forms necessary to complete this process. If approved, before each and every trip, you or your guardian must call TMS to receive approval to travel for a compensable service.

If I live near a bus route, can I receive a bus pass?

You may be eligible to receive a bus pass, if you live within walking distance of a bus route, if you are capable of utilizing the bus and if it is cost effective to do so. A bus pass or token may be approved and issued to you. Please call TMS to inquire about the availability of a bus pass or token, a Call Center Technician will assist you in determining your eligibility for a bus pass or token.

If I do not have a friend or family member take me and cannot drive myself, what do I do?

You will call TMS and they will ask you several questions to determine your Non-Emergency Transportation eligibility status and your transportation needs. TMS will arrange the most appropriate form of transportation to get you to your appointment. Forms of transportation available include: public transit fixed route service, public transit paratransit service, private vehicle transport via a private company or non-profit organization, wheelchair transportation, stretcher transportation, and mileage reimbursement.

How far in advance should I call to schedule a trip?

Most programs require you to call in 3 business days in advance of your trip. Please have available:

  • Your Medicaid/Medicare/Health Plan ID #
  • Name and complete address of your medical provider or other destination
  • Home Street Address and Telephone Number
  • Appointment Day and Time

Will I be able to use the same transportation provider I’ve used in the past?

Some members might be approved to use the same transportation provider, but part of the reason for using TMS’s services is to coordinate transportation more efficiently and that may mean switching transportation providers for some or all of your appointments, if it is more effective to do so.

When can I call to make a reservation?

Reservations need to be made Monday-Friday, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm local time.

What if I have an urgent situation?

The TMS Reservation Line is available 24 hours a day/7 days a week for urgent situations (like an urgent care trip is needed, or a discharge from a hospital). Call the appropriate toll free number and the message will give you the information you need on how to access a trained TMS staff member.

What if my appointment is canceled or rescheduled?

Please call immediately if there is a change in your schedule. Ideally, call 24 hours before a scheduled ride. Your courtesy allows us to better serve other members.

What if I have a complaint?

Please contact TMS immediately at the appropriate toll free number. Excellent service is our goal, and complaints will be documented and resolved.

What If I’m unsure of the time of my return trip?

Please attempt to estimate the time of your return trip when you first call for transportation services. However, if you are unsure when your appointment will end or you are delayed by your medical provider (or other destination), please call TMS at the appropriate toll free number, and have the pickup address available and your Medicaid/Medicare/Health Plan ID # so that TMS may notify your vehicle of your schedule. Timely service is easier to coordinate if you can supply a return pick up time for your appointment.

Who can call to schedule transportation for me?

You, a relative or guardian, caregiver, or facility staff member.

Will TMS provide any services directly?

No, TMS contracts with transportation provider or utilized individuals to handle all direct on-the-street transportation services. This is to ensure the most cost effective and appropriate mode of transportation is provided each and every time a request is made.

Si usted necesita esta informacion en espanol, por favor, llame a 866–867–0729 (Florida), 1-866-572-7662 (Iowa).